Yes - Relayer
The Gates of Delirium
Sound Chaser
To Be Over
Released 1974
relayer Jon Anderson: vocals
Chris Squire: bass
Steve Howe: guitar
Patrick Moraz: keyboards
Alan White: drums
I grew up listening to Yes, and in my youthful years I really loved them. Then, I reached a point where I found most of their material embarrassing. Like they were solely responsible for the punk movement! (Of course, that was ELP :). I finally realized that I really love this record regardless of the baggage associated with it.

This is the only record Yes recorded with Patrick Moraz on keyboards, and I sometimes wonder if that is the reason it is so damn good. The guitar/synth interplay that characterizes lots of Yes songs is strongly in evidence here, there seemed to be a rapport between Mr. Howe and Mr. Moraz. But, for whatever reason, Mr. Moraz left (or was asked to leave) after this record, and the subsequent several releases were all, uh, forgettable.

Lyrically and thematically this is vintage early Yes, all cosmic consciousness and stuff. I don't mind, I can even relate to some of it now. Musically, this is one of the most adventurous recordings Yes ever made. Mr. Moraz tended to bring a jazz influence to the record, as opposed to Mr. Wakeman's classical leanings. Jazz and rock actually go together, having common roots. The same can't be said for classical.

Strangely, it doesn't seem to be one of their more popular releases, perhaps because there are no radio airplay songs here. Listen and be transported!
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