Wire - A Bell is a Cup...
Silk Skin Paws
The Finest Drops
The Queen or Ur and the King of Um
Free Falling Divisions
It's a Boy
Boiling Boy
Kidney Bingos
Come Back in Two Halves
Follow the Locust
A Public Place
The Queen or Ur and the King of Um (alt)
Over Theirs
Released 1988
bell is a cup Bruce Gilbert
Robert Gotobed
Robert Lewis
Colin Newman
Wire are a legendary bunch who've produced almost no fluff during their distinguished career. After recording their most well-known and influential work in the late '70s and early '80s, they disbanded for a time.

This record feels like the early Wire, but only to a point. Musically, it is less aggressive. Lyrically, it replaced despairing cynicism with a resigned or critical version. Wire lyrics have always been fascinating, even when you cannot make any literal meaning from them, they always leave you with an impression.

This is a very long record with many satisfying songs. Listen and enjoy!
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