Secret Oyster - Straight to the Krankenhaus
Straight to the Krankenhaus
My Second Hand Rose
High Luminant Silver Patters
Stalled Angel
Rubber Star
Traffic & Elephants
Leda & the Dog
Released 1976
straight to the krankenhaus Claus Bohling: guitars
Kenneth Knudsen: keyboards
Karsten Vogel: saxophones
Jess Steahr: bass
Ole Streenberg: drums
I'll bet you never heard of this record, or probably even the Danish band that recorded it. A tip of the hat to my long lost friend Buck Mallory who, because of our shared appreciation for King Crimson, thought I might like this one. Otherwise, I would have never heard it either.

This record is, loosely, jazz/rock fusion. Secret Oyster creates a unique sound using guitars, saxophones, and that crazy synth style popular in the mid '70s. There is a lot of tension and foreboding, as well as manic energy here. If you play this on a road trip, you are likely to wind up driving well over the speed limit!

I consider this a lost gem that may have actually gained a modicum of popularity in the U.S. had it a venue to be heard.
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