Seefeel - Quique
climactic phase #3
charlotte's mouth
through you
filter dub
Released 1993
quique Mark Clifford: guitar, sequencing, etc.
Sarah Peacock: vocals
Daren Seymour bass, radio
Justin Fletcher percussion, etc.
This record is another in the noise pop vein. Quieter than some of that genre, it contains no lyrics and few vocals. Most songs consist of a simple and repetitive rhythm track with a subtle foreground that ebbs and flows. It is a very electonica sound, even though it preceeded the term several years.

Some would call much of this music droning and repetitious, with good cause. But I am a fan of this kind of music, pioneered by the likes of Eno and others. The sound, even though seemingly an endless loop, is sublty modified as the song progresses. Attention is required to notice these changes. Sounds dull, doesn't it? It's not.

Seefeel did not last long. As with many on the bleeding edge of an art or practice, they were influential but not particularly successful in the records sold peg count measure. Too bad.
Some other releases Year Subjective rating
Polyfusia 1993 4