Polyrock - Polyrock
Romantic Me
Green For Go
This Song
Go West
Your Dragging Feet
No Love Lost
Body Me
Sound Alarm
Bucket Rider
Shut Your Face
polyrock Personnel: Lenny Aaron - keyboards
Curt Cosentino - bass machine, synthesizer
Catherine Oblasney - vocals, percussion
Billy Robertson - guitar, vocals
Tommy Robertson - guitars, electronics, violin
Joseph Yannece - drums, percussion, backing vocals
This unknown gem originated in the late 70s/early 80s New York scene. Produced by Philip Glass, this band is said to have been formed as a response to the success of the Talking Heads.

This group recorded this debut album, a followup album and an EP - and then disbanded. They never really achieved any recognition, and all of their material is sadly out of print at this time.

This recording is nothing short of brilliant. It is a shame that so few have heard it. It is a quintessential expression of the times, a brilliant combination of new wave, noise and post-punk.

I don't even own a legitimate copy of this release, I got my listen from a friend's LP, long since lost in a storage-facility disaster. It remains difficult to find even on the various file-sharing networks, and that is too bad. It is every bit as good as anything produced by the "scene", and well worth effort required to track down a copy.
Some other releases Year Subjective rating
Changing Hearts 1981 3.5