Portishead - Dummy
Sour Times
It Could Be Sweet
Wandering Star
It's a Fire
Glory Box
Released 1994
dummy Geoff Barrow: Rhodes
Clive Deamer: Drums
Beth Gibbons: Vocals
Adrian Utley: Guitar/Theremin
This record, from another Bristol band, is as hard to over-praise as it is to describe. In the industry parlance, it would probably be called trip-hop. Yet is really transcends any genre, and draws upon many.

Samplers are heavily in evidence, as are driving yet not necessarily danceable beats. Songs about lost love, longing, despair, and also hope are all brilliantly rendered by Ms. Gibbons. The craft of this record is stunning for a debut release. Unfortunately, the followup is not as engaging.

I could rave on and on about this record, which is easily one of the top ten of the 90's overall. It is not an upbeat record, and not suitable for every mood. But if you are open minded and in the right frame of mind you'll notice its brilliance.
Some other releases Year Subjective rating
Portishead 1997 3.5