My Bloody Valentine - Loveless
only shallow
to here knows when
when you sleep
i only said
come in alone
blown a wish
what you want
Released 1991
loveless Kevin Shields: guitars, vocals, sampler
Colm O'Ciosoig: drums, sampler
Bilinda Butcher: vocals, guitar
Debbie Googe: bass
My Bloody Valentine, named after a grade-B Canadian horror flick, embraced the genre known as noise-pop or bliss-pop. Some less than kind souls called it shoegaze music. I'm a fan of the genre, which is characterized by heavily layered sound, often distorted or otherwise maximally processed, and a psychedelic feel. Guitars were the noise generator of choice, but they are often so heavily processed you can barely tell they are guitars.

This is, I believe, the last full length studio recording from MBV. It took a very long time to finish, and consequently cost a lot of money, and I don't think it sold millions. Whether or not that has anything to do with it being the last I couldn't say.

MBV released several records, I have Glider and Isn't Anything, and I feel the latter is appropriately titled, the former a respectable effort. Neither are full blown noise pop as Loveless is.

This record has some killer tracks. Swirling guitars, forceful but often slightly lagging percussion add to the blissed feel. This is a one of a kind record that you should have if you are familiar with and appreciate noise pop.
Some other releases Year Subjective rating
Isn't Anything 1988 2.5
Glider 1998 3