Iggy Pop - Lust for Life
Lust for Life
Some Weird Sin
The Passenger
Turn Blue
Neighborhood Threat
Fall in Love With Me
Released 1977
lust for life Iggy Pop: vocals
Hunt Sales: drums
Tony Sales: bass
Carlos Alomar: guitar
Ricky Gardiner: guitar
David Bowie: piano
Iggy Pop (aka James Osterberg) is best known for his out-of-control stage shows in the early '70s, and for his reputation among many as the godfather of punk rock. In my opinion, neither of these talents match his ability as a songwriter. Iggy has written some great songs. He's written some outrageous and massively politically incorrect songs. He's written some mediocre songs too, but no one hits a home run with every swing.

This record is his second collaboration with David Bowie, who became interested in Iggy's music and performances and saved his flagging career and perhaps life. (Some claim that it was that Iggy that saved Mr. Bowie's career!)

This record contains the song "The Passenger", which is one of my all time favorite songs and one that has been covered by many artists. It also contains vintage alienation such as "Sixteen" and "Neighborhood Threat". Produced between his early coarse material such as "Raw Power" and the later watered down stuff like "Blah Blah Blah", this record is prime Iggy.
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