Goldie - Timeless
Saint Angel
State of Mind
Sea of Tears
You & Me
Released 1995
timeless Personnel: too numerous to list
This is Goldie's debut record, and it's a very strong one. Done in the jungle (drum & bass) style, it melds dance music with jazz and psychedelic influences. It is a long CD at over 70 minutes, the title track being about 20 minutes long.

There are some quiet moments to hear, but much of this record is relentlessly energetic as the drum & bass style tends to promote. Like most "dance" music, it is occasionally repetitive, but less than most of that genre. Some of the beats are so sweet you find yourself happy they are repeating! But to be clear, I wouldn't consider this to be strong dance music.

This was the first full length drum & bass CD I purchased. I've since bought several more, but none that measure up to this one.
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saturnzreturn 1998 3.5