Brian Eno - Taking Tiger Mountain by Strategy
Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
Back in Judy's Jungle
The Fat Lady of Limbourg
Mother Whale Eyeless
The Great Pretender
Third Uncle
Put a Straw Under Baby
The True Wheel
China My China
Taking Tiger Mountain
Released 1974
taking tiger mountain Eno: electronics, snake guitar, keyboards
Phil Manzanera: guitars
Brian Turrington: bass
Freddie Smith: drums
Robert Wyatt: percussion, backing vocals
Brian Eno began his musical career in earnest playing synths/electronics in Bryan Ferry's Roxy Music. But this position didn't last long, because Eno was starting to steal too much attention with his outrageous glam act, and Mr. Ferry asked him to leave, or so it is surmised.

Eno then released his first "solo" recording, entitled Here Come the Warm Jets. It was a good record, and a hint at what was to come. What came next was this. And this is more than a good record, this is something completely different.

There is no way to describe this record. Recorded in what Eno would later call his "idiot glee" stage, it is at once flippant, intentionally eccentric, menacing and dark. Musically it's very diverse, from Third Uncle which has been accused of presaging the punk style, to pieces like The Great Pretender which is a masterpiece of mixing natural and freaky electronic sounds.

A one-of-a-kind record that is a snapshot of pop music history. Not as influential as the following Another Green World, it is a testament to Eno's utter disregard of what anyone else is doing. In the terms of rock-crit, this record is not particularly "accessible". You'll need to listen several times to get your mind right. It's worth it!
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