Brian Eno - Another Green World
Sky Saw
Over Fire Island
St. Elmo's Fire
In Dark Trees
The Big Ship
I'll Come Running
Another Green World
Sombre Reptiles
Little Fishes
Golden Hours
Everything Merges with the Night
Spirits Drifting
Released 1975
another green world Brian Eno: synths, organs, guitars, etc.
Also with: Robert Fripp, John Cale,
Phil Collins, Percy Jones,
Red Melvin, Paul Rudolph
This record has made a lasting impression on pop music. Although not the first of his records to utilize his new "ambient" style, it was the most interesting.

Yes, Eno invented the term "ambient" and explains what it means on the back cover of one of his recordings. It meant something a bit different than what you'd use to describe the music categorized as "ambient" now. Eno's definition, highly paraphrased, was "music that is as interesting as it is ignorable". Meaning that it was unobtrusive enough to be ignored, yet engaging should you turn your attention to it.

This record contains several vocal tracks, but more purely instrumental tracks. The instrumental tracks vary widely, from quiet purely ambient pieces to more forceful ones. A wide variety of instrumentation and styles are used.

This is a good record for those who've never heard what a brilliantly creative person with some (by today's standards) laughably crude analog equipment can do.
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