David Bowie - Low
Speed of Life
Breaking Glass
What in the World
Sound and Vision
Aways Crashing in the Same Car
Be My Wife
A New Career in a New Town
Art Decade
Weeping Wall
Released 1977
david bowie low David Bowie:pianos, guitar, vocals, etc.
Carlos Alomar:guitar
Dennis Davis:percussion
Ricky Gardener:guitar
George Murray:bass
David Bowie has a long and unusually varied career. He's paved the way again and again, often being the first to spring new musical and thematic ideas. When this record was released in 1977, not many people liked it. Critics really hated it. Now, over 20 years later, it gets the credit it always deserved.

Eno was clearly instrumental to the sound of this record, as well as the subsequent work, 'Heroes'. He's not given a huge amount of credit in the liner notes, but those of us familiar with both artists easily discern his sweeping influence here.

As for the theme or concept, having read many reviews I can say that there are many differing opinions. I think it is the usual, alienation, frustration, fear - all a result of Bowie being at a low point in his life. He had moved to Berlin to try to kick his cocaine habit and generally get his life together.

This may be the first mainstream record produced with intentionally 'dirty' sound, raw and having the quality of being recorded in a garage with failing equipment. It was recorded just as the punk movement was taking hold, and it seems Mr. Bowie had his ear to the ground as usual. It uses synths more heavily than any of his previous work, and uses them appropriately.

If you are a Bowie fan and have never heard this one, it will be a bit jarring at first. Keep listening, you may find this is one of his best recordings.

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