Cocteau Twins - Victorialand
Lazy Calm
Fluffy Tufts
Throughout the Dark Months of April and May
Whales Tails
Little Spacey
Feet-like Fins
How to Bring a Blush to the Snow
The Thinner the Air
Released 1986
victorialand Robin Guthrie:guitars, synths, production, etc.
Elizabeth Fraser:vocals
Richard Thomas:guest saxaphone
In the early '80s, Cocteau Twins created a sound that was unique and original. Robin Guthrie's music and Liz Fraser's incredible vocal talents were a perfect match. Their early recordings had a gothic flavor, but they quickly evolved to a sound that is easily identified as theirs, and yet not really classifiable.

If you've never heard them, you should know that up until the '90s, Liz Fraser seldom sang straight vocals. By that I mean that most of her "lyrics" are not English words at all, they are phonemic sounds that are simply a vehicle for creating a feeling with vocals.

It might sound strange, but think about it. How many 22-year-olds with a guitar have anything to tell you? This way you can create your own lyrics.

Each Cocteau Twins release is unique, but this one stands alone. Produced in their home studio, it has a different feel than their other works. It almost sounds acoustic, and certainly there are more acoustic instruments at work here. It is definitely downbeat (or no beat for that matter) and yet strangely uplifting. It is contemplative, mysterious, beautiful and original.

This record goes well with nature. Try to listen to it on the beach or a mountain. It reflects the beauty of the natural world perfectly.

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