Boards of Canada - Geogaddi
Ready Let's Go
Music Is Math
Beware the Friendly Stranger
Sunshine Recorder
In the Annexe
Julie and Candy
The Smallest Weird Number
Energy Warning
The Beach at Redpoint
Released 2002
Opening the Mouth
Alpha and Omega
I Saw Drones
The Devil Is In the Details
A is to B as B is to C
Over the Horizon Radar
Dawn Chorus
Diving Station
You Could Feel the Sky
Magic Window
geogaddi Personnel:
Michael Sandison
Marcus Eoin
Another "electronica" entry in my favorites list, Boards of Canada are a Scottish duo who ply a very unique and interesting sound.

Much of this recording could be fairly described as "ambient", being subtle and introspective. There are many short tracks under 2 minutes. But the best tracks are longer and more fleshed out. "The Beach at Redpoint" sounds like an organic train rolling over you as a melodramatic orchestra plays fanfare. "The Devil is in the Details" sounds like a positive hypnosis suggestion delivered with sinister detachment. Many of these tracks evoke a peaceful tranquil feeling, others a feeling that the peace is about to be shattered.

It was hard to choose a favorite recording from Boards of Canada, each of their LPs and EPs is very good if not great.
Some other releases Year Subjective rating
Twoism 1995 4
Hi Scores (EP) 1996 5
Music Has the Right to Children 1998 4.5
A Beautiful Place Out in the Country (EP) 2000 4
The Campfire Headphase 2005 4